Is There A Preset For Score Editor to Make note spacing like Dorico?

Hey guys.

Does anyone know if there is a Preset in Score Editor to make it look close to Dorico. I know that’s near impossible because Dorico already looks amazing (Being only for notation it’s somewhat natural but i mean compared to other notation software) but i hate the feeling when i switch from Dorico to Cubase that I’m going back 20 years in score software display. No offense to Cubase I love the program genuinely, just telling it like it is.

Thanks. :pray:t2:

Not shure if you mean this (because I don’t own Dorico :sweat_smile:) but a simple way to make it at least look more like Dorico would be:
go to score settings dialoge>project>project text>score font and use dorico jazz here…
Maybe that helps a little - Cheers!

Hey @Frank_Rapke,

Thanks for the relpy. No i was thinking more of the score layout and visual preset in general. I managed to change the font of the Notes to Bravura (Dorico’s default font), but what i meant was the way Cubase spaces the notes and places them on the staves and the relationship between each other so it doesn’t look like the picture attached.

It’s really disturbing for someone who reads music notes and works with scores… I’m sure a lot of people agree. And as stated many times on the forum, the manual doesn’t come close to teaching about the usage of the Score Editor, just in depth information about what everything does. Maybe starting a tutorial that gives a general explanation with examples and walkthroughs like John Barron’s Discover Dorico Series which I find very helpful and valuable for getting to know how to use Dorico. At least that’s why i Upgraded to the Pro version of Cubase…

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Nicolas, as steve pointed out, in Cubase go to “Select Scores > Auto Layout”
Then Click “Auto Layout” on the extended toolbar. Then it’s just a matter of selecting “Optimize All” and your score will look MUCH better than in the example you posted. Have you given it a try?

Hi @k_b ,
No honestly i gave up because I use Dorico Pro along with Cubase. Still raising the issue of not having those 2 softwares integrate.
On that note, i heard that Avid is announcing their Pro Tools / Sibelius integration in NAMM show.
I wonder what’s next, Finale integrating with Atari…?

Nicolas, good that you found a solution for the time being - until new options appear :slight_smile:

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