Is there a preset that combines FX, Groups, Audio, and ...?

Hi -

Is there a preset that combines tracks of different categories like: FX, Groups, Audio, and VSTi’s?

The actual thing I want to do is to save a preset of an audio track with sends to multiple compressors (each inserted in an FX track), and some processings inserted in other tracks (delay, verb, etc.). It’s sort of the basic mixing chain I start with on multiple occasions.

I tried various presets, but could not get all of these to be saved/loaded with the proper inserts, send levels, etc.

For now, I just built a template … but being able to “load” the whole kit and kaboodle into an existing project would be much easier!

Thanks for any help -

I see “Save Selected Channels” mentioned in another thread, will give that a go. Fingers crossed that it completely saves the multiple channels - inserts loaded, sends set up, Audio, FX, Group, and all others possible to Save/Reload, rack settings …