Is there a public EX map for Miroslav Philharmonik or do I have to make my own?


That about says it. Is there a Miroslav Philharmonik 2 expression/keyswitch map out there or will I have to bite the bullet and make them all?


Is this separate from midi controllers? I use Miroslav and didn’t know there was a expression key switch available. Is this like Trilian for bass?

Ya, like Trilian.
I did a Trilian map yesterday. Easy peazy, but do I want to do a couple dozen that are 4 times the size? Preferably not…but might have to.

Even though Miroslav is VST3, the option to Extract Expressions doesn’t show up in the expressions thingy. Not sure why.

[to LP]
In Miroslav, if you click on the keyswitch componant at the left end of the keyboard that is at the bottom of the Mirolsav interface, a thingy pops up with all the ks designations, about an octave’s worth of keys.

Any Multi marked with a “ks” basically takes all those other non-ks voicings (p mf f stuccato etc) and loads all of them, enabling you to switch them via keyswitchs. Naturally, doing this via midi has it’s problems, hence expression map = awesome. Just a lot of clickety-clicking to make them.

I will have to check this out. Thank you!