Is there a quick fix for global issues in parts?

So I have the score exactly how I want to look like. This entire work came from a Sibelius xml transfer and I finessed all of it exactly how the composer and I want it. Only recently I realized the score was set to local changes and just glimpsing at the piano part, I noticed a lot of tuplets on the opposite position and things like that. Is there a way to set all the changes I made in the score to global before I start pecking away at the parts? I would love to save some time if possible.

‘Propagate properties’ should still work on selected objects (so, maybe simply select all?).
Edit to add:
Write mode and Engrave mode have some different properties. It’s possible you need to propagate properties from both modes, just to be sure you catch them all (but I’m not entirely sure TBH).


Write mode propagates properties available in Write mode.

Engrave mode propagates properties available in Engrave mode.

Generally, Engrave mode has all the same properties as Write mode, plus additional graphical editing-y type properties. So you should find that propagating in Engrave mode catches everything.