I would like to request a simple feature to expand the Locate Points function. Rather than being limited to just the 9 numbers on the keypad (which would only give you 18 Locate Points with a Shift Layer), I would like to add a “Dot” function.

Now when I’ve reached the 9 limit, I could punch in .10 - .19 or .20 - .29, etc. That way I can just punch in the locate point instead of only being able to punch in the 1st 9 and then being forced to go to the Marker Page to hunt for the remaining Locate Points.

Is this easy enough to address with a Patch?

Hi @Keyplayer, There are no longer sections in the forum. We have categories (e.g., Nuendo) and tags.

Tag your own post where it says ‘optional tags’. Start typing the word Feature Request and you’ll see what I mean. You can edit your post- click the pencil hiding under the ellipsis menu, which when clicked, this:

becomes this:

and it would be a good idea to rename the thread to something more request related…