Is there a (semi)automatic way to split the drums part?

Hi there,
I’m writing for different orchestra’s. In some orchestra’s there is a drummer with a drumset. Also in some bands, the drum part will be played by three players: 1 snare drummer, 1 bass drummer and 1 person for the cymbals.
It would be great to achieve in Dorico that I do not need to write 4 parts, but only the drumset part. (Or the 3 separate parts and Dorico can combine it into 1 drumset part). What is the best and fastest way to achieve this?
Thanks in advance!

That is done automatically. You change in Layout Options->Players->Percussion.
So enter notes in a kit, then you can change how to show it in the score and parts


NB Use it in combination with Hide Empty staves

Not exactly what I’m looking for. In your solution I’ve got 1 ‘layout’ with 3 instruments. So the three players will get the same ‘layout’.
I’m looking for a solution where I can give the bassdrum player a layout with only the bass drum notes. The snare drum player only the snare drum notes. Etcetera.
Is that possible.

Honestly, as a drummer I would prefer reading from the drum set part even if I play the concert drum.

If you gave me only the bass drum notes, the chance of getting lost are much bigger because I have less “context” and most of the time the bass drum part looks more boring with more rests to count. Same for cymbals.


Agree in most times!
When you have to deal with young children playing their first concert. It can be distracting.

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Maybe create the individual players, Bass Drum, Snare drum, Cymbal…
Enter all the music. Then create a kit with the layout option show “single line instruments”. Copy/paste from the individual players. Finally, change the kit to 5-line staff.