Is there a setting available to configure lines to start after a dot?

Currently I am editing all lines via Engraver mode, which works fine. Nevertheless I was wondering, if I could activate a setting somewhere to let gliss lines start after the dot(s) of (a) dotted note?

And for that matter: Is there a setting for l.v. ties to start after a dot?

Can you share a project example of where they aren’t? As they do for me by default (i.e. a bit to the right).

There’s a setting in Engraving Options > Glissando Lines > Horizontal Position > Advanced Options for the minimum gap after rhythm dots, before the glissando line starts.

Wait, can I just check – for glissando lines, are you actually using the in-built glissando lines via the Shift-O popover, or are you adding horizontal lines and moving their ends manually?

Ha, there is a separate entry for glissandi! I didn’t see that entry and was looking in “Engraving options → Lines”. Thanks for that info, @Lillie_Harris !!!

Anyway - no changes after turning up the value in “minimum gap after rhythm dots”. A screenshot shows the standard behaviour in my case:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-22 um 10.57.43

(As for the l.v. I found the right combination of settings.)

The gliss are added via “tr => gliss”.

Can you please share the project that this screenshot comes from so I or someone else can look at the settings you’ve got? A saved-as, cut-down version that just shows a small extract is fine.

Sure - thanks for taking the time, @Lillie_Harris !

glissando test.dorico (1.2 MB)

It looks like something specific about the shallow angles of the gliss and the relative positions of the rhythm dots means Dorico is calculating the line can fit inbetween the notehead and the dot – if you pitch up the central note to a D, for example, with the lines angling upwards in the middle, you get quite a different result.

For example, if you fractionally increase the “Minimum span for glissando between notes in the same space” value to 1/2 space, the first glissando line starts after the rhythm dot.

As long as that doesn’t have too many negative knock-on consequences to how glissando lines look elsewhere in your project, you could try tweaking some of those Engraving Options until you get results that are a better fit overall?

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Like magic! Thank you very much, @Lillie_Harris ! Much appreciated!

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