Is there a setting to adapt font size of markers?

I would appreciate to have a better sight on the various markers by adapting their specific font size just as the chord s’ names adapt their size.
I spent some time in the doc and on Google but no success.
Am I missing something ?

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I’m sorry, I’m afraid this is not possible.

+1. I would love if they kind of zoomed up and down when enlarging the marker track by dragging down.

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Yes - Marker size is completely unreadable in a session

Needs to be big enough to be useful.


I’ve been trying everything. There is no way to make that marker text large enough to actually read during a session for live players in the room using smaller laptop screens. for sitting in the production room i guess they are fine. It would be nice if you could change the font & font size , or even by dragging the track size handles.