Is there a shortcut way to do this?

Is there a short cut way to select say multiple channels AND a group and with a key command assign all those channels into that group instantly? Or is there a better way to group channels other than clicking on them individually and routing them to a group via the dropdown for busses? I would love to be able to select many things at once and load them instantly into a particular group Thanks in advance

What, apart from select, Ctrl or shift select?

Shift/click to select required channels & then alt/shift while selecting the group routing on one channel.

The alt/shift shortcut to apply routing or FX to multiple channels was an undocumented new feature in C6.

oh nice! I will try this!

ok holding SHIFT while selecting the group of one channel after selecting multiple channels using shift works!
(ALT doesn’t btw). Thanks so much. Yet another tip to speed up my workflow

You’re right…just shift will do it for routing to a group.(Alt + shift will actually still work as you’re obviously holding down shift anyway)
Alt + Shift is needed for adding inserts across multiple tracks or setting their status.