Is there a similar option like "this one" in cubase 13?

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Hi, is there in cubase 13 a similar option like the one that i uploaded in the screenshot?
ITs from ableton live 10 and what it does is duplicate the lenght (x2) or divide the lenght (:2) of a selected midi track AND all the notes in it (if you have 1/16 notes, their lenght becomes 1/32 for the (:2) and 1/8 if you choose the (x2) and so), so it makes things twice longer or shorter with just one click, it is a really nice feature that i cant find in cubase.

Thank you for your time, happy new year !

In Cubase these particular two functions don’t exist but thanks to key commands, macros, and both Project Logical Editor and Logical Editor we can quickly make them ourselves.

To modify the length of the parts we use the Project Logical Editor:

For halving note length it is similiar but we use the Logical Editor from the MIDI menu:

For doubling the length you would use “Multiply” instead of “Divide by”.

If you save both as presets you can either recall them via the editor’s preset system or make them a macro and even assign them a key command.

This method let’s you also create all other values, not only *2 and /2


Amazing, the power of the logical editor always surprises me, thank you for your detailed answer.

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Another approach would be to set the Select (Arrow) Tool to the option Sizing Applies Time Stretch - then if you Drag the lower right corner of the MIDI Part, the MIDI Events in the Part will resize along with the Part.



Can this be done with audio and a shortcut?

I mean, shortcut to double it half the audio.


To add: In the Project view. Not in the Key Editor, please.

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Since I’m currently using the Key Editor, I checked and the option exists within the Key Editor too. Although I can’t see what it is for since it seems to behave exactly the same as the normal Select Tool. - which is what I’d expect it to do (well actually I expect it shouldn’t even exist).

Probably, but not absolutely sure. But it is easy to build a little test and find out yourself.

You can always assign Key Commands to PLE Presets.