Is there a simple way to change triplets . . .?

Is there a simple way to turn groups of six eighth-notes under quarter-note triplets into pairs of eighth-note triplets?

I continue to explore the use of Dorico as a direct compositional tool, typically with delight at its power and flexibility, but of course that does mean that the flow of ideas is almost always ahead of my cognitive ability to parse what I’m doing in terms of the optimal notation convention. Groups of six eighth-notes under an umbrella with “3” at its apex sound close to how I’d like–I’d just moved from a quarter-note triplet pattern in the previous measures–but look most peculiar, and certainly non-standard, especially as I feel a slight relaxation of the tempo at that point, so they do become genuine eighth-note triplets, rather than preserving the quarter-note triplet feel, or even moving into a sextuplet feel (which would be good to be able to do too).
Thanks for any help or hope.j

Afaik, there is currently no way to modify existing tuplets or turn existing notes into tuplets…

It would be nice if an easier way to input or modify tuplets could be implemented - the current approach is less intuitive than much of the rest of the way Dorico’s interface works.



The tuplet part of Dorico is not yet fully implemented; its current state reflects programming priorities rather than an oversight.

Thanks all. Dorico’s handling of tuplets is already superior to what has gone before, but of course, it can’t read my mind regarding how I compose (i.e. in an obsessive hurry, as if time is running out).