Is there a single fader controller that follows track selection on screen?

I tried the new Faderport and it doesn’t. You need to manually advance by pressing a button once the channel is beyond the current bank.

Apparently Behringer’s X Touch One operates the same way.

Some say the Steinberg CC121 does this. Any users willing to confirm?

Would this be possible with TouchOSC? A template with a fader that automatically works on the currently selected channel?

How about Lemur?

Any users of these that can guide me? I would really appreciate it.

I’m just frustrated by mousing/trackpad’ing/scrolling over to look for a fader that I need to adjust. Perhaps I could invest in a 16 fader controller that would require less banking (more money). Or perhaps a touch screen, although touching glass is a different experience than a physical fader.

Thank you all!!


I can confirm CC121 follows the onscreen selection.

But I have to say I wonder that Faderport nor X Touch One don’t. I would expect they support it. Are you sure you setup the correct MIDI Out in the Cubase Remote Device?

Frontier Design AlphaTrack does this. Also, if your thinking of Lemur, consider Pro Tools Control for the Ipad and the Eucon protocol in Cubase. It’s free and is currently my favorite controller for Cubase. It has a setting to change the first fader to the “selected channel” as well. I also re-purposed a Steinberg CMC-FD to do this as well using the AlphaTrack protocol in Cubase and Bome’s “Midi Translator” to redirect the midi.


Just my very personal experience with any “iPad” (virtual, touch) controllers. I stopped to use them, because I realised, I have switch my eyes from the screen to the iPad (to find the controller - fader - and it’s real position on the display). With real HW device I can still look to the screen and find the controller by using just the fingers. So I don’t loose the focus. Therefore a HW controller with real physical controls is the only one way for me.

The X-Touch does follow with the latest 1.07 firmware upgrade.


Hey everyone, thanks for all the replies.

I have an X Touch One in front of me and it does NOT follow the track selection automatically.

You still have to press the bank buttons but once it’s on the correct bank it does follow the track selected on that bank.

What’s frustrating is I got it after exchanging messages with their support people and repeatedly confirming that with their latest firmware (1.07) the controller would not need to “bank” over. But here it is and it’s not doing it.

I sent them a message and they asked for a video of the behavior. I sent the video yesterday and I’m awaiting response.

I’ll update you when I hear it.

The Nektar Panorama P6, P4 follows bi-directionally. It can get a little glitchy when you select non audio tracks such as Folder tracks, midi, etc but you just hit the Track-/Track + buttons simultaneously and it jumps to the correct track. But hands down the best at this is the cc121. Maybe way overpriced for the limited functionality but it is SO nice to use for track selection and fader riding. One of the weird quirks of Cubase and controllers is that they follow what is on the main project page and the mixconsole differently because both screens show different things even when synced. The Mixconsole for instance does not show folder tracks or disabled tracks. Some controllers don’t follow hidden tracks. Depending on control surface and what is in focus in your session when selecting tracks can impact the smoothness of integration and impact your user experience. Hope this helps more than confuses!

The Alphatrack works as a "selected track’ controller very well and, although it hasn’t been made for years, the drivers and custom Cubase protocol work fine.

So, last update on this everybody:

To add to the bizarre experience, Behringer’s customer support has completely stopped responding to me. They don’t even acknowledge a tweet. Weird fucking company.

So, this thing is going back on Monday. And I’m doing what I should have done in the first place. I’m getting the Steinberg CC121.

I repeat, the X Touch One does not automatically follow track selection in Cubase 10 Pro. Not even with the latest firmware.

Hope this helps someone out there.

Thanks for all the help in this thread! You people are awesome.

Hello, I have the same question. I have the CC121 and it works smoothly on Cubase 10.
But I have another studio and would like to have another one, but its very hard to find to buy.

I heard that the Faderport when installed right, can do it as on this video:

There’s a guy saying on the comments that it can do.

Do anyone confirm that?