Is there a token for flownumber for using on title page?

Created a title page as descriped in the blog from “Scoring Notes” and saw that there are some undocumented tokens:


  1. {@flow1title@}
  2. {@flow2title@}
  3. {@flow3title@}
  4. {@flow4title@}
  5. {@flow5title@}
  6. {@flow6title@}

Is there a token where you can have the numbering dynamic ({@flowNumber@} or anything?
Has anybody the “complete token list”?


dorico-3.5.10-tokens.pdf (66.3 KB)


I think it’s the latest

I’ve made a note to check on the tokens PDF, as I know the popover PDF has been updated a couple of times within the Dorico 4 cycle.

(Edit: now updated, and available here.)

@HZs what “undocumented” tokens are you referring to? The page in the Dorico 4 manual with a comprehensive list of tokens, if I’ve done my job correctly, is here.

On that page, there’s an explanation that flow-specific tokens refer to the flow closest below them, and therefore require there to be a music frame somewhere on their page in order for them to resolve. On pages without music, like title pages, you must specify the flow number in the token in order to get the token to show something sensible.

…ok, im searching for {@flow1number@}…to have dynamic numbering auf the flow e.g. for flow 1. {@flow1title@}.

…didn’t find anything about 1. {@flowNtitle@}…

By the way is there a token for the layout-list? …want to show all available layouts…

To quote from the note at the top of the linked page:

You can specify the flow number to which you want flow tokens to refer, such as {@flow2title@}. This always shows the specified flow, regardless of the token’s position.

If you want to use tokens that refer to flow information on pages that contain no music, such as title pages, you must specify the flow number in the token. For example, if you use {@flowtitle@} on a title page containing no music frames, the token does not display any information, but {@flow1title@} displays the title of the first flow in your project.

The page doesn’t list every single possible permutation of all the flow tokens, e.g. flow1title, flow2title, flow3title etc, because that would be infinite and hopefully once you’ve understood how it works, you can insert the flow number inside any flow-related token wherever you need that.

I think the flow number token doesn’t respond to including the flow number in the token, because that becomes self-defeating: if you’re specifying the number manually, you can just enter the number ({@flow1number@} is… 1 :wink: )

Layouts, or parts (as in a list of the orchestration)? If the latter, there’s a token that shows all player names.

PS If you would rather read the German manual, the equivalent page is here.