is there a VST ASIO driver default if ASIO system not on

I am using an external USB VST a Behringer X32 and if it is not powered on when I start up Cubase I lose all of the audio channel mappings and I am forced to have to reset the VST audio system to the X32 in cubase and then manually set each of the audio channels to the previously assigned audio channels on the X32.

Is there away to force cubase to keep the ASIO driver and not lose the Audio channel mappings even if a VST ASIO system is not available?

No. Not on any DAW known. Make sure the soundcard is ON before starting your DAW.

Can’t you save presets in the VST Connections window to restore your input, output and control room settings?

Good idea but
I have tried that but it resets the channel inputs to no channel when you use a preset so you have to manually go through all the tracks reseting the channel names


If you close the program without saving, turn on the device and then restart the program everything should be as normal.

That works.

Also, you have to go to Devices, switch to the desired audio device, and after that go to VST inputs and load you presets.

This is more trouble than just closing and reopening the file, unless you have many VSTi’s to load.