Is there a way of playing vst instruments outside of DAW?

I’d like to be able to work on sound creation and music development without having to load Cubase each and every time using say, Padshop or U-He’s Diva and Zebra 2 from my midi keyboard. I use a Mac running OSX. Any thoughts?


Some VSTs come with standalone versions.

I don’t think Padshop has a standalone version, however.

Creates standalone versions of VSTi’s. Looks like it’s been kept up to date as well (I haven’t tried it in a few years), supporting VST3, 32 and 64 bit.

Shinta215 is correct about VSTis like padshop though, as they are integrated into cubase (i.e., there is no separate dll to reference)


Edit - just noticed you are on a Mac. Don’t know if there is an equivalent for the Mac. A quick search turned up VST Lord, but I’m really not sure if it’s what you want.

Also - it looks like padshop IS a separate VST so it should be able to be hosted in other apps. I brought it up with the 32-bit version of savihost. It came up, but I got no sound. Probably because I din’t have it setup right, and savihost can’t see cubase presets.

Just wanted to say thanks for the help! Just in case anybody else might be interested, here is the solution that I have found.

I found a Mac OSX vst host at . The software is called, not all that surprisingly vstihost and so far, so good. I am running both U-He Diva and Zebra 2 synths in the host and it works perfectly. There is a demo mode version to try it out but the full licensed version runs at US$35.

Again, thanks!

Yes! Its called Vmachine by SM ProAudio. Cannot believe it hasn’t taken off majorly. Discovered it yesterday when I was looking for a way to play my old vsti dll’s on my new mac. Basically it allows you to have portable VSTi’s away from a computer and the software is called VFX…check it out.