Is there a way of removing these annoying track labels in the midi editor?

As per the attached image, where it says “Addictive Drums 2” - those labels always get in the way with small segments of editing and the block things:

Does anyone know a way of hiding them? They serve absolutely no purpose to me other than getting in my way :smiley:

I use Cubase Elements btw

As far as I know, there is no preference to not show the name of a clip. You just need to rename the clip to blank text

Thanks, I hadn’t actually thought of doing that so I will!

You can try this setting:

It is an icon in the tool bar of the Key Editor. If it is not visible it might be hidden, right-click the tool bar and activate the item.

Yes from what i see the function is Show Part Boarders. Do as Johnny says above.

There is no Key Command for this…just yet. Hopefully that will be added.