Is there a way that plugins can be turned on 1 channel?

Hi, just had this thought lately of how awesome and handy it would be if I could turn on/off the Inserts of a single channel so I can easily bypass the signal on one channel.

Is there a easy way to do this without doing extra routing?


Each Insert section has a bypass. The little dot next to it in Mix Console or bypass switch in Inspector

Yes I know this but what I wand to do is bypass a single channel (one or the other L/R) on a stereo track…

I have vague memory of this subject before, that was several years ago at least and didn’t know if this aspect of routing has been added and I just didn’t know.

Ah! Ok. That’s a lot clearer.

That’s a pretty specific thing to have to do. I’d split the stereo file into two mono files on two tracks panned hard left and right. Control Link the two tracks and link inserts. Hold down modifier key (ctrl for me) and bypass the inserts on just the left or right.

Perhaps try the 'balanced panner", completely lowering one side.

You can use the Routing Tab on the Inserts Tab on the Channel Settings window… So, open the Channel Settings (the E button), click Inserts so you can see them, look at the bottom of this tab and click Routing. Here you can disconnect or bypass each channel of each insert. Left mouse click and play with the options. Open the Routing Editor for more control over the individual channels.

This is a bit fiddly, so I would say its much easier to split the channels as said earlier, especially now that we can link channels well in the new mixer.


…maybe another solution:
insert Cubase´s plugin “Mix6to2”
and mute L or R…!
with “bypass” you can easily control stereo <> one channel.


Mix6to2, good tool for splitting out 4 channel simultaneous guitar recordings. I quite often use an LRCS channel, say direct guitar, effects out, two mics on the amp(s), so I can edit all the channels at once without having to trust the folder group edit feature. I split them to different stereo groups in the end.

Beerbong, perhaps if you tell us what you’re trying to do we could provide more help?


Yes, this is what I am talking about. You are right, though about the Routing editor being fiddly.

When I open the editor it doesn’t seem to work as expected, I can bypass the right channel (by selecting mono) but I can’t figure out yet how to bypass the left channel of the insert so the effect is only on the right side.

I will likely have to use the two mono channel method that will mean that I will need to bounce down my tracks, which I don’t want to do…



What you’re trying to do is pretty particular and, for lack of a better term, odd. It’s not surprising that you’d have to do a little work to get this setup correctly. :mrgreen:

That being said, it’s not too difficult: Bypass inserts; bounce with split option; drag-copy inserts into the new tracks in MixConsole.

BTW: I never asked: Why do you want to do this in your project? I’m curious! :slight_smile:

I would like to do this for the main reason to use effects creatively, like have a modulation insert plugin only on a single channel - because of the creative effect. Typically, I know that most people mixing love to pan their FX busses somewhere like 30l 30R but I have found that I like to have a creative FX only on one side (100% panned).

Doing this with busses is easy but does require me to add a FX bus to my project - sometimes I don’t want to just for a single use FX…

Actually it’s kind of funny, the main reason I started to “prefer” that effect was that I noticed in some other VST plugins would operate only in Mono and me not realizing that, at the time, I like that effect for some tracks and busses. So I started to work more with L/R busses after that :slight_smile:

Oh I just thought about Patchwork by Bluecat… I have to try that one.


I like using the two channel method but I find it’s not always the best because sometimes I still want to do editing on those tracks and so I need to slice more accuratly it’s best to have a stereo track.

Hey, no rules, right? Whatever works!

30%? Haven’t heard that one. Plugins load up hard-panned, 100% left and right–as that’s how most people use them, as a great generalization, I think.:wink:

This is what I would do, dude. It’d be so much easier than any if the other methods. Making an FX bus doesn’t cost you anything, CPU-wise. Just control the send’s pan.

Ha ha. I can remember a few times when I discovered I had done that. And yeah, every now and thenI’d keep it, if it sounded great. Sometimes the weirdest stuff works.

What’s that?

It’s a plugin made for making complete plugin chains with many routing features included.

Neat-o! You own it?

a) Set the routing to Mono. The right channel gets bypassed
b) Open the Routing Editor
c) Click the Right Arrow Box above the Link tickbox. The connections swap so now the left channel is bypassed
d) Use the arrows to swap connections as you like
e) Click the routing line that’s bypassed and it disconnects, e.g. like muted

It’ll do a few more things if you untick the link tickbox, press the Reset button to ‘undo’ and return to the default state.