Is there a way to add a dashed line to cresc or dim

I am working on a piece that has “cresc.” to about 3 system lines. The original file from the composer (product A or B forgot the lettering system) used a dashed line to show how far this cresc was to extend.

Is there a way to add such a line in Dorico? I couldn’t find one.


Put in a hairpin with the “<” or “>”. Then select the hairpin an open the properties panel at the bottom of the window. Under “Type” column, slide the "Gradual style " switch to the right (turn on). There will be a drop down that defaults to hairpin, the third and forth options will build out abbreviations (or the whole word) with lines. There’s a handful of other styles and support for writing poco a poco.

Ahhh… it was hidden from me!!!

I saw the cresc… but did not realize that it was several dots. It looked like something else to me. Thanks for the help!! This makes a big difference.


You can also create it by typing ‘cresc’ in the dynamics popover

I did that, and all I got was cresc. I needed the dashed line, and try as I may, I did not find it. You need to select the “gradual style” and choose the one that has the dots behind it. To me, maybe in a quick view of the panel, I missed the one with dots behind it. Choosing the one with the dots, creates the lines to show the distance of the the cresc. or dim.


Sorry, I remembered it wrong - you’re absolutely right!

How do I set this for all scores and parts at once? When I change the style to ‘cre…scen…do…poco…a…poco…’ in the score, it still shows a hairpin with ‘poco a poco’ written beneath it in the corresponding part and in all other (partial) scores.

You need to select it and choose Edit—Propagate Properties.

Global properties are set in Engraving Options. Local changes like the one you’re wanting must be propagated to reflect the change in all other layouts.

Thank you!