Is there a way to adjust the record and playback volume separately

I frequently record sound-on-sound on a single track – That is, I record perhaps two measures, then go back to the start, and record again, monitoring the existing recording and then begin playing at the third measure while the “tape” is still rolling. But as I’m currently using Cubase, the playback monitoring volume level is often quite different from the record monitoring level – which can make the sudden change in headphone volume painful if too loud, or difficult to monitor if too soft. Isn’t there a way to adjust the record and playback volume separately before recording/playing simultaneously using sound-on-sound?
Of course, the traditional sound-on-sound recording technique requires that the first “sound” (the previously recorded notes) be adjustable to match the volume level of the second “sound” (the new notes as they’re recorded). That’s what I can’t do. And today the Steinberg chat had no idea what I was talking about.

How are you doing it? Is every pass a new track? Every input has a level adjust and every track has a level adjust. Set the track levels with the slider so it matches the level you get when recording. Do a few test recordings to get it right. You can then set track levels when you create them.

I’m not sure what I’ve put is correct in your case as you haven’t explained the detail of what you do in Cubase. If you are creating new tracks or using lanes on the same track.