Is there a way to align parts?

Is there a way to left-align edited parts on the lane view?

I have manually edited the below takes and I want to left-align them all. At the moment I’m having to manually drag each take which wastes a lot of time. I don’t need anything fancy like audio alignment - I just want the rectangles to left-align.

Maybe someone will come with smarter solution the thing I would do (although you have so many lanes) would be to

Option 1

  • Select the first event you want to snap to and press L so that your cursor will snap at the beginning
  • Select one by one the events on the lanes and press CTRL + L to move to the locator.

Option 2
Alternately you could also copy the start time of one event and paste it to the others but I find the first solution perhaps easier.

One cool feature request would be to maybe when pasting the Start time to be able to specify if you want it relative or absolute (a similar behavior is done with MIDI velocity where you CTRL+Click the velocity box and all the events are set at the same velocity)

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If you select all the Audio Events on the Lanes and look at the Info Line there is a field showing Start Time. With multiple Events or Parts selected the value shown in Start Time will be for the first selected Event. If you changed this value, that first Event would move there and all the other Events would move relative to the first Event - like grabbing and dragging them all somewhere.

However if when you are changing the Start Time you use Ctrl+Enter instead of just Enter then all the values will be set to the same absolute time - and thus left aligned.


Perfect! This did the job! Thank you!

Thanks for this - I think @raino’s solution is the quickest for me but I appreciate all of the help. Everyone does things differently too I guess. These things are real timesavers!