Is there a way to bounce ALL individual audio files at once?

I’m hoping there’s a way to Bounce Selection all of the individual audio files in a project so that I don’t have VariAudio taxing the CPU/glitching, etc. I want to find a way to do this without having to individually select sometimes hundreds and hundreds of individual audio files, and I don’t want to flatten the audio tracks out by bouncing the entire track length; I want to have the individual events remain in place. Is there a way to do this? Some kind of Select All then Bounce Individually operation?

Yes u can setup up a cycle marker then when you go to export switch to marker export and select what tracks u want to export,and it will bounce to wavs or any format and u can bring bounced audio back in to project by selecting import in pool and or project,hope this helps…

Thanks digitalson. What I mean is that I want to select every piece of audio in a project at once (as they are in the project window, not the pool), then be able to bounce in place every single one of them as they are originally, not as long files between markers, in order to flatten any realtime processing.

And…I just discovered than I can do that by using “flatten realtime processing”. :smiley:

Well the multi export will mix with channel settings on them what u hear is what you get

few approaches
didnt use flatten function a while, it did not “flatten” the vari audio as in the real time processing.(maybe its better now? hope so)
i used to use bounce function, or use render in place on audio events.

I just did something similar yesterday. You can use the track display filter to only show audio tracks and then select them all and use Render in Place. You can choose additional options like keep the tracks separate or mix them to one track, effects chain included or not etc.

PS. To keep all events separate choose ‘as separate events’ and think about the ‘tail size’. Some events still produce sound, like long hall reverbs/plates, even though the part has finished.

Ah, yes! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!