Is there a way to change a single drum line voice?

Currently I have the voice set to a snare drum, but I’d like to set it to a tambourine. I can’t remember how I set it to a snare drum to begin with. I’ve yet to find these settings in the manual, so I’m probably not looking in the correct place. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Doug :slight_smile:

I figured out how I got the individual snare, but I can’t seem to change the voice to tambourine. It ended up creating a separate single voice line for the tambourine.

Doug :slight_smile:

Did you use Change Instrument in the Setup menu?

Thank you Derrek, I did try that, but it’s not possible. When I first enter the voice, there is a small window below it with three dots which, when selected, will allow you to change the voice. But, once the flow is saved and closed and then re-opened that window no longer appears. If you hit the plus key next to it, it will allow you to add a voice, but won’t change the current voice to the new one.

Doug :slight_smile:

I do not find that to be true.
You say you want to change an instrument; you do not say whether it is in a kit.


If it is in a kit:

After looking at your picture, I realized that I had to click on the left arrow to make it go down and then I could change the instrument. So thank you very much :slight_smile: So, in the future, I’ll try clicking on one of those arrows in other areas of the program (if they exist) to see if I can find the change that I want.
This is one such case of not being very intuitive. I’ve looked all over the manual’s index to try to find where this is possible. Not sure under what category it would be shown. I tried setup and voices but found nothing.

Doug :slight_smile:

I just searched the user manual for “change instrument” and this was the 6th result:

Would it have helped you at all?

I’m beginning to thing the “not intuitive” argument is the lamest of all possible ways to justify a complaint about the program.

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It may be, but we can expect a never-ending parade of new users to have the same complaint. I am trying to make peace with it.


Yes, that is what I needed to see… it doesn’t explain how to “expand” the folder to see the place where you change the instrument, but I managed to figure it out.
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you watch any of the large number of first steps videos you will see how player/instrument setup works.

I’m sure you would. My guess is that you’ve been using this program for more than a few months.

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Thanks Janus… I’ll give that a try as well. I’m trying to use the manual, this forum, YouTube and Google to get answers right away - sometimes it works and sometimes not so much.

Doug :slight_smile:

Yes, before a manual even existed; I wasn’t afraid to ask questions or put the effort into learning the program but I never complained that the program was not intuitive. Nor, as I recall, did Marc or Leo or Ben or Rob or the many others who now provide help so freely.

For someone who is just learning the program, like myself, I struggle to find solutions to my issues. For someone like you, who has been using the program for years, most things seem intuitive. A few years from now that will be true for me also. So, hang in there, I’ll catch up soon enough.

Doug :slight_smile:

Nothing is intuitive; one has to study, practice, and learn.

“Not intuitive” is a way of taking one’s own inexperience (perhaps explainable) and blaming it on the program.

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