is there a way to copy and paste a rhythm pattern, just the pattern?

I just want to know if it is possible.

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You can’t copy just a rhythm separately from the notes, but you can copy and paste a phrase (rhythm and pitch) and then repitch the notes, without affecting the rhythm

This is great as a feature request. Like format painter in MS office!

How would this work differently from the current functionality, Lock Duration?

Well. That is totally different. Let’s say you have two phrases P and Q as follows:

P: C4 dotted quarter note, D4 an eight-note
Q: G5 and C5 each a quarter note
You apply copy and then choose say-to-be-called feature “paste rhythm”, this will change Q to
New_Q: G5 dotted quarter note, C5 an eight-note


Try selecting your 2 quarter notes and hitting the period key.

What I provided as an example is just an example. This can apply to triplet and sequences with a variety of note lengths.

I totally see how I could benefit from this. Working on an arrangement of XXth century music, the arranger has chosen some way of writing the rhythm in uneven bars (5/8, 17/16…), this would allow me to change one instrument and paste to others, instead of trying with the shift-m method (which is great when simple, but not efficient when too complicated), or doing one instrument after another. But I also understand it’s not too high on the priorities list!

Sometimes I’m working in some bigband scores and I change just rhythm in 1st alto parte but I’m still with the same number of notes but different rhythm, then I want to copy the new setting of rhythm in the 2nd alto part or other part that I want. trust me this is very useful, ejeje.

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