Is there a way to "Delete Overlaps" for midi notes? (prevent overlaps)

Hey there,
when working in the midi editor it happens often, that notes overlap each other, even if I don’t want them to do that. I know there is a function, which can be bound to a key, which deletes overlaps (which sometimes works not that well), but I’d like them to not happen in the first place, like for events, when having " Delete Overlaps" enabled in the prefs.

Is there a way to do that? That would improve workflow in the midi and drum editor by a lot. Thanks!


I’m not at my DAW but there is a MIDI Function named like this isn’t it?

Yes, there is an action, which lets you delete overlaps after the fact, but nothing I found to prevent them to happen, like it is possible right now with the “Delete overlaps” (audio) setting in the preferences…

You can fix the length of notes, but especially in the drum editor, you can ensure the length of the note is just the minimum to trigger the sound – they are displayed then as “hit” rather than notes which can have variable length.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I think having the lengths in the drum editor makes it much easier to work. Imho its hard to see, where the hits are exactly with the rhombus /diamond symbol, compared to the usual blocks.

But even that doesnt fix the overlap.
Even drum notes can overlap, when note length is off, it is even harder to spot in that situation.

And the problem is, that overlapping notes, create a different sound, than just single ones.

Not quite sure, what you mean by that? Why should the length of notes be “fixed” for midi notes? :thinking:

MIDI - Functions - Delete Overlaps
Or am I missing something here?

I appreciate your help, but if you read my initial post and the title of this topic, you would see, that I am not searching the midi function, but a setting to prevent overlaps in the first place, as it is with audio events.

Ah ok sorry I have misunderstood the issue :slight_smile:

All good, thanks anyway :slight_smile: I guess, this is just not possible atm. So I added the FR tag!

Are we talking about drums here? If you want to edit a drum track and you choose to not use a drum map (which provides for defining a fixed length for each drum “note”), then of course there can be problems. The drum map/drum editor are designed to fix that problem – that’s the “feature” of them.

Perhaps this is what you’re looking for? Fixing MIDI Note Lengths

Perhaps you could describe your process a little more, i.e. how does it happen that the notes are overlapping on the track in the first place?

As described in the initial post, I am talking about the normal midi editor and the drum editor.

For the drum editor I am using drum maps, but with “display note lengths” enabled. But the “issue” I have is not about note lengths at all. This topic is about overlapping midi notes.

When I have a note in the midi editor or the drum editor and draw another note on top of it, the midi note underneath does not get deleted, it remains where it is. Unlike when dealing with audio events, when “delete overlaps” in the preferences is enabled, as described in the initial post.

Also, when duplicating midi notes, which then land on top of other midi notes, the duplicated ones will not erase the already existing notes. Both notes, regardless of their length, will stay where they are, which causes some kinda unpredictable sound outcome, depending on the sound library.

Also when copy pasting midi notes this happens, or when just moving a note on top of another one. Hope I explained it well.

Thanks for the further explanation, however I’m still struggling to get my head around why one would choose this method (perhaps that’s just me), for example I don’t understand why one would draw one note “on top of” another, or want to move a note on top of the other (assuming the same channel and destination). To achieve this end result in the MIDI or drum editors, I would just delete one note and/or move the other.

I’m sorry but I really don’t understand this one. Is this not the very definition of duplicating note(s) – same note(s) in the same position, then you can move the duplicate(s) to where you want it?

I accept that I am potentially completely missing the point here, but I am wondering if perhaps the MIDI/drum editors are not the best tools to achieve what you desire. To me, this sounds more like a job for a sequencer or perhaps an arpeggiator-style editor – perhaps a plugin – or the Step Designer MIDI effect.

I think you’re completely missing my point.
Sorry, I don’t know how I could explain it even better, than in the posts before.

Do you know the setting “Delete Overlaps” in the audio editing prefernces as showed above and what it does?
I need exactly that, just for midi notes, as it often happens, that notes overlap each other, when duplicating, copying or moving them.

Thats also why a similar midi function exists. The problem with that, is that its not preventive.

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And to further clarfify this one: draw 5 notes in a row and hit “edit - duplicate”. What happens is, that the same number of notes will be inserted on the right side, next to the existing ones. This is the defintion of “duplicate” inside of Cubase. Not sure how to be more clear than that, sorry.