Is there a way to disable "mouse hoover effects" on inserts?


I’ve looked at all options, but in case in overlooked something.

Is there a way to disable the “mouse hoover” effect on inserts/sends? More detailed, that means when you move your mouse over an insert in the mixer or channel settings you got an on/off button and the FX name moves to the right.

I find this behaviour very very annoying and lead to many missed clicks an visual distraction here.

… been screaming for an on/off option since day one… :neutral_face:

any news with the 7.04 update?


I keep seeing this thread title and wondering what is a mouse hoover? I presume it is a typo for mouse hover but you repeat it in the message

yes …typo :blush: :unamused:

Too bad… I hope it wil change one day. At the moment I don’t want c7 because of that.

If you’ve hoovered a mouse typically the throughput of your vacuum cleaner decreases significantly. That’s the whole mouse hoover effect. To avoid it get yourself the right tool in the first place:


Ah, I thought this was a reference to the older type of mouse which had a ball in the bottom - these used to suck up dust and crumbs and what not like crazy, and had to be emptied and cleaned out occasionally.