Is there a way to disable "plugin remove" by swiping up or down

I lose too many plugins this way by inaccurate mouse movements and then can’t restore them because “automation will be lost” warning.

Bad feature exacerbated by one that is even a long standing bug or programming deficiency.

Almost every time this happens to me I have no choice but to close the session and reopen from last save (lose tons of work in between saves).


I’m sorry, there is no way to disable this feature.

But once you do this, you have to also confirm to Discard the changes in the plug-in. So you have to do 2 steps to remove the plug-in. I can’t believe, this happens by accident.

Removing a VST plug-in from a channel is logged in the MixConsole history and can be undone (default shortcut Alt/Opt-Z). Thus the unintentional removal can be at least undone quickly without having to reload the project in a previous state and losing changes.

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It never asked me, not once, to confirm removal. This is what it does:

Been using Cubase since the Atari days and didn’t even know this was possible. You live and learn.

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In Preferences > VST - Plug-ins there should be an option called “Warn before Removing Modified Effects”, which if enabled makes a confirmation dialog appear before removing an insert plugin.

I believe that this option is enabled by default, but there is a “Do not show again” option on the popup dialog that disables it.

That only works on changed plugins. So doesn’t stop this i’m afraid.

The problem with that option is that it applies to both swiping and normally clicking on plugin and selecting “no plugin”. The first one is 99% accidental, the second one is 100% done on purpose.

So now if you want to prevent accidental deletion you have to deal with constant warning when removing plugins after trying them out which is a no go.

So no solution unfortunately.

I wish they’d remove this terrible swiping feature altogether. Cubase is not a dating app, what is this messy swiping thing doing in it?

Me too! But dragging inserts I think only came in Cubase VST…actually in v5, you couldnt drag ifx in SX
In other progs, you can delete by dragging outside of an insert field

Now I know!
I use dragging ifx all over the place and very often when multing.

This is a actually a great feature as its a pain to remove by clicking ifx and typing No everytime or clicking on it

I dont actually understand how you are having this happen unless its latency on the mouse…I have to very intentionally drag it on dead space

As already mentioned there is an undo for the accidental removal of an insert plugin (by default Alt/Opt+Z).
There are quite a few users that have grown fond of the feature that you would like to see disappear. So you might be better off using the undo instead of waiting for Steinberg to change Cubase.

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A-ha! Alt+Z.

Problem is solved. Didn’t even know such feature existed. Thank you.