Is there a way to disable “snap to grid”?

I’m on a second gen 12.9” iPad Pro running iPadOS 15.1

I have a wav file audio recording of a song that I wanted to grab a few measures of, cut it out of the recording and loop it

But first, I needed to slice about 1 second off of the beginning.

I imported the song from Files, and put it onto a new audio track.

In project view, when I try to precisely position the cursor or the locators, they snap to the grid- which prevents me from being able to place them exactly where I want in order to execute my slice.

The same holds true for the cursor and L & R locators in audio edit mode. I can’t position them accurately enough to do a clean trim. They always snap to the grid.

Can you tell me how either:

  1. disable snap to the grid?
  2. Precisely position the cursors and locators to be exactly where I want?

Hi @KingDrew,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Located in the sub menu top right you will find the “Snap Grid” button.

Please tap the button to open the “Snap Grid” menu, which allows you to choose a grid value and/or turn the grid off. The “Snap Grid” feature is available in the Arrange Window and the editors.

In addition, it might be easier to edit the imported WAV file in the Cubasis audio editor. Simply double tap the audio file to open it in the Audio Editor.

Please let me know if this helps to resolve your problem.

P.S.: To learn more about the Cubasis workflow, you might want to check out our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial, where Dom Sigalas shows all the steps to create a full track in Cubasis…

Stay safe
& enjoy making music,


Problem solved. Thanks, Lars!

Hi @KingDrew,

Thanks for the updated message!

Problem solved. Thanks, Lars!

Glad to read this!

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