Is there a way to do this tuplet passage in a percussion stave?

I’m trying to write the following passage for woodblocks (this was done in Finale).

Technically the 8th-note downstem is durations across barlines as well as across tuplets, and then a hidden tuplet bracket for the down-stem voice. I find even with Force duration and lock duration enabled (I’m still not wholly clear on how they are both used) it won’t do it without dotted 16ths, 16ths and ties.

I guess what I’m asking is: is there a way to get Dorico to ignore the ‘correct’ number of beats in a tuplet to allow this?

It is possible with a hidden 10:2 tuplet in the downstem voice:

I’ve attached the dorico-file so you can take a look. Just rename to tuplet.dorico (had to change the extension so the forum would allow me to attach it). (356 KB)

Ah, that’s a very good solution for a non-percussion staff, better than the one I came up with. I don’t think it will work on a percussion staff however, as the unforeseen issue is that it doesn’t currently seem possible to hide rests in a percussion part, since it doesn’t seem to work on the voice system that other staves do. Unless I’m missing something?

If you select the down-stem notes and choose Edit > Percussion > Voice > Extra Down-stem Voice, that will put those notes in an “extra” voice that isn’t padded with rests; provided there are no other notes in the “normal” down-stem voice, all of the rests will thus disappear.