Is there a way to download individual Halion 7 instruments?

The install comes with one, big 35GB content file but I’m not interested with most of it (pianos, strings, etc). I managed to install FM Lab and Anima separately (they’re in that Steinberg Download Assistant), but I couldn’t find the others.

Any ideas?

I don’t think you can, but when they’re installed you can move them out of the library as most go as separate entries, and this gets your disk space back, i.e.:

That doesn’t help if you don’t want to download them in the first place though, I know.

For cases like this it could do with an individual content downloader in HALion itself really, based on the libraries you own. The whole download/library process is much better than it was, but still far from perfect.

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Thanks, that’s a great tip! I don’t mind downloading them if I can remove the content I don’t need in the end :slight_smile: