Is there a way to erase the green keys in Halion 6?

So if I slice a sample and click on apply the keys from C-2 to B2 are green with the sample in different pitches, but what I would like to do is lay multiple sliced samples out on the keyboard in the mapping menu. So if I need more keys, how can I delete those green ones or is that even possible?

Highlight the Layer where the Slice Player is, then go to the Sound tab and change the key range.

If you highlight the Slice Player, you can change the root key of the loop to make it work better with the new key range.

i have the same Problem and i just don’t get it what you mean.
Whenever i slice a Sample and press apply the slices start at C3, everything below is the sample in transpose.
I don’t want the sample in transpose at all but i want the slices to start at C-2 and use all keys up to C8.
ist that possible?
i tried to highlight the slice player and also the layer above and play around with the key-settings on the “sound” page but it didn’t change to what i want. Perhaps i did it wrong.
Could you please elaborate on how this works?
many thanks and greetings