Is there a way to group tracks together?


I’m new to Cubase Elements 8, and I’m trying to work out of there is a way to group multiple tracks together so that I can move them all at once?

I’m writing music for film, and I need to line up the tracks to the correct timecode, and this would be so much easier if there was a way to move sections together - especially when instruments are coming in at separate times. If I could move them all together as a group, I could ensure they all stay in their relative positions, but if I have to move each track individually it’s going to take me ages to re-find the correct entry point for each instrument! I hope this makes sense.


Hi and welcome,

There are two ways, how to do this.

  1. In MixConsole select track, you want to “group”. Right-click, and select “Add a Group Channel to selected tracks”. This will create a new channel, and the output of all selected tracks is routed to this Group Channel. Then, you can move just the Group Channel fader. Other faders don’t move, but the Volume changes. This is a Submix way, in fact.

  2. In MixConsole select track, you want to “group”. Right-click, and select “Link selected Channels”. Now, you can move one of the fader, all other faders move with it. To “un-group”, select “Unlink” in the same menu.
    2.1) You can also use Q-Link (Quick Link), to link selected channels temporary.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply. I don’t think I managed to explain my question properly - sorry! What I mean, is I need to move several tracks (all part of one cue) to a different point in the movie - however, the instruments don’t all play at the very start of the cue, so when I move one track I need to remember when the other instruments came in in relation to that track which can get confusing. I’d rather not have to do this since I have 12 midi cues (for multiple instruments) to import from Sibelius, and I need to line all of them up to specific points in the film! I hope this makes sense.

Thanks again for answering - I will probably use that group track trick later! :bulb:

C8Pro has a group editing function that locks tracks in a folder together but I don’t think this is available in Elements…But you do have folder tracks which might help…you can place tracks in the folder and then cut, move, paste the folder itself (At least I think you can…not at DAW to check exactly what is and isn’t possible)

Martin is apparently answering a different question altogether…must be all the excitement of the 8.5 update overnight leak :mrgreen:

If they are visible on screen, drag mouse to select the parts, then click and hold a selected part. Now all the selected parts move together. Or as Grim said put the tracks in a folder and move/cut/size that, great way of doing it if there are many tracks.

Yes, you can do this with folder tracks.

You are right! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve deleted my post.