Is there a way to have signposts and system track turned off by default when starting a new project?

This is a minor issue for me, mostly it’s cosmetic and personal since I really like to start with a clean page, zero distractions. I like signposts and the system track when I need them, but I have them mapped to my keyboard and know how to turn toggle them on/off. When I am beginning a new composition from scratch, I usually don’t need or use them, hence why I’m wondering if there is a deep menu option to have them both turned off by default for new projects?

System track yes, there’s a preference for that: Preferences > General > General > Show system track in new projects.

Signposts – I suspect not.

But what you could also do is set up a dummy starter project with signposts hidden, and start new projects from that?

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I made myself a keyboard shortcut for signposts right away. I need them maybe 40–50% of the time.


I have a shortcut for signposts that I use all the time too. I just wanted to mention that the keycommand for this is actually misnamed. The keycommand you want is “Hide Signposts” but it actually functions like “Toggle Signpost Visibility,” so it will hide them if they are showing, and will show them if they are hidden.

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