Is there a way to hide fonts with non-Latin characters from Dorico Pro's font menus?

Is there any way to hide the non-Latin fonts cluttering Dorico’s font menus? The most annoying are the approximately 120 Noto fonts comprised of non-Latin characters which I’ll never use.

(Of the list in the screen shots, I believe only Noto JP has Latin characters.)

Apple’s Font Book won’t let you disable them in Big Sur.

This commercial app Font Menu Cleaner will do the job, but I’m wondering if there’s a way in Dorico.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but do you know that you can type for example ‘P’, and then the fonts jump to all starting with the letter ‘P’? Then you won’t have to look at them for so long…

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You can still disable the Supplemental fonts in FontBook. But that still leaves hundreds of others.

I’m going to ask the dev of that app (who I know a bit) exactly what it does, in addition to FontBook. He is reputable, so it should do something.

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No, there’s no way to exclude particular installed fonts in Dorico. We could add a feature to do it, I suppose, but I guess I’m left wondering why you have all of those fonts installed on your system if you don’t ever want to use them?

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How? According to the article I linked in my later post below, the fonts in question aren’t visible in Font Book (and I didn’t see them).

EDIT: These are “Supplemental fonts” installed by mac OS.

They’re listed in this Apple Support document as " available for document support":

These fonts are available only in documents that already use the font, or in apps that request the font by name. Some are older fonts that were included with earlier versions of the Mac operating system or Apple apps.

The developer of Font Menu Cleaner says:

Some popular apps will fill their font menus with every font they can find on your computer.[…]

Unfortunately, these apps aren’t supposed to display these fonts. And often, there is no way to hide these fonts or remove them from the font menu.

I checked some other apps:

If I open the Fonts window in Apple Pages, it shows only Noto Sans JP (of the Noto fonts).

Sibelius Ultimate 2021.2 shows 6 of the Noto fonts.

Affinity Publisher 1.10.1 looks similar to Dorico, showing most if not all of the same Noto fonts.

@dspreadbury You don’t see these in your machines running Big Sur?

In fact, I do! I just haven’t noticed them. I do tend to go directly to the font I’m looking for by typing the first letter of the font I’m after. But I guess we will look into a means of removing unwanted fonts from the font menu in a future version.

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FWIW, I checked, and most of these Noto fonts are in the “Supplemental” folder:


Also, according to the section on Big Sur in this article (a great read for any macOS users with font issues), the fonts in that folder are intentionally hidden in Font Book, and Apple now expects developers to hide them in the font menus:

Big Sur and any apps Apple writes will not show you many of the fonts the OS itself installs. You can’t get them to appear by using another font manager. You can’t copy them to another location and activate the copies in the hopes they’ll appear. They are invisible to everything Apple. At the same time, all third party apps do exactly what every app should do; they show you all active fonts.

Each and every developer can do the same thing Apple did. That is, hide fonts based on your language region. As we all know, this is what we have a font manager for. There’s no reason in the world why the user shouldn’t be able to control which fonts are active in one place, like we have for decades. Having to do this individually in every single app that displays a font list is unnecessary and just plain illogical. This makes Font Book extra useless since, even though it is a font manager, it doesn’t show you many of the fonts the OS installs. Which of course makes them impossible to manage. Font Book has always been a mediocre font manager at best. It’s now even less than that.

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Yes, I know that - thanks! I browse the list when I don’t know which font I want.