Is there a way to hide/show all opened plugin windows ?

Inside Ableton you can do CTRL+ ALT + P and it’s a feature that I use every 5 secondes :smiley:

Is there any way of doing this in Cubase 9 ?


Close all - Ctrl + Shift + click on channel settings button
Open all - Ctrl + Shift + Alt + click on channel settings button

There’s also a command for hiding all plugin editors in the key commands. (Needs no click/works for all plugin guis independent of channels.)

But this will only show/hide plugins for a specific channel… In Ableton it works for all tracks.

Kinda like a “global show/hide plugins”

Windows: Close All Plug-ins

Shift-C closes all open plugins, all channels, on my system, so there must be a key command in there somewhere I found.

Would love to know if there’s a key command for showing all open plugins!

Guessing you must have that assigned to ‘Windows: Close All Plug-ins’

Closed is permanently closed I’m afraid.

I heard the workaround is switching between two workspaces.

Yes, that’s what I do.