Is there a way to increase all tempo markings by a percent?

The track was free-tempo recorded, hence there is a metronome mark on every bar. I want to select the entire tempo track in one flow, and increase it by a percent. That should be easy in the Tempo Editor but I don’t see a way to select the entire tempo track like I would do in a DAW. Even with maximum zoom out, can only select a dozen bars or so at a time?

The workaround would be to edit the tempo track in a DAW, export MIDI, import an updated tempo track into Dorico, and hope nothing breaks.

Select All in Write mode, and Filter the Tempos.

Then you should be able to edit them in the Key editor, either by moving, or using the Transform tool.


Perfect. Thank you so much.

(I really appreciate the warm support from the Dorico community as a longtime composer switching score editors and trying to come up to speed quickly.)


This worked before, but now it isn’t.
When I select to end of flow, then filter all tempos, nothing is selected.

If it was working before, something must be different. Do the Tempo marks get selected with everything else?

I noticed that in my scores when I import tempo with a MIDI file or else separately, some of the tempo marks are like q=100 above the staff and some are like blue “markers” but all are interpreted correctly as tempo. I don’t have a clue why this is happening. See, they’re different.

But in any case, right now it seems like none get selected when I try to filter all tempos in a flow. I had to do it the hard way, export MIDI, import the MIDI in Logic, select the tempo track, grab and increase the tempos to my desired value, export MIDI, import the. MIDI back into Dorico as a tempo track replacing the former tempo track. BTW that worked fine, which is great, but would prefer the faster/simpler way.
Maybe what I’m doing is a little unusal. We deal with free-recorded rubato tempos always and it’s a bit tricky to cope with in a score, but it’s fundamental to our sound.

The blue flags are tempo marks that are hidden, i.e. they have no printable component. However, both should stay selected when you Filter Tempo Marks.

Be sure to note how Select All differs from manually selecting all the music by clicking and Shift-clicking on the staves. The Select All command includes system objects such as tempos, which you don’t get when clicking on the staff.

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