Is there a way to increase the maximum amount of channel sends?

im wondering if its possible to increase the number of available sends. Im finding that 8 isn’t enough

Audio or MIDI?

Assuming audio tracks, you could route one track with 8 sends to a group track with 8 more sends, etc.

I have to ask: what on earth are you trying to do?

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Each FX (for example reverb) send takes up a slot , so does sending a side chain - for example to the Cubase Frequency VST.

In my example, its related to both audio tracks and but also channels that VSTi tracks have. Im using vocal send sidechains to duck multiple instruments @ difference frequencies, and each Sidechain takes up a Send slot… This is an issue because it means I can only use a sidechain to a maximum 8 VSts/chanells , minus 1 send slot for each FX sends.

I could route all of my instruments to a group channel & then use a send sidechain into the Frequency vst to duck to audio. But even so, each sidechain input within Frequency takes up a send slot in which ever channel the SC is being sent from & I really prefer having independent control over each instrument. & still, each SC will take up send slots

So at max,

I hope this makes sense :sweat_smile: . Am I sidechaining wrong?

This could work i think

Wow, I’m always astounded at the ways people find to do creative things! I honestly don’t know if I’d be of help to you here, simply because my way of working has never required more that 3-4 sends.

Stepping back from this though – forgetting sends and ducking for a moment – if the requirement is for the vocal to stand out in a mix, you might consider using SpectraLayers via ARA2 from within Cubase. There a good video about how to “carve out” the frequencies of one track based on the spectral content of another – in your case, the source track would be the vocal (it’s an old video from when SL was owned by Sony but the principle is the same).

It’s not a real-time process, however, but as it’s integrated in Cubase, you can use it non-destructively at the mixdown/mastering stage. Once you’ve achieved the desired result on a layer in SL, you can just mute it in SL and drag it into Cubase as an actual audio track for further processing.

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:grinning:Thanks Ill check that out, it seems like a much efficient solution. If it requires the paid version of Spectralayers Ill be out of luck though


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