Is there a way to keep a selected track "on top"?

Hello again!

Sorry if this might be a noob question, I just recently upgraded to Nuendo from Cubase 5 a few months ago and I love it! Been using Cubase 5 for years.

I tried looking at the manual, tutorials, or google but couldn´t find an answer to this:

Is there any way to have a selected track always on the top even while scrolling through dozens or hundreds of tracks or recording? I remember seeing this somewhere, but I can´t remember if it´s a Steinberg Feature or if it´s possible.


You can use the split pane feature to drag a track to the top pane and then scroll the bottom pane.

Oh, wow! This was exactly what I wanted… Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

WOW! I never knew this function, what a great one :slight_smile:
Thanks for asking this question and thanks for the answer.

Best, Alan