Is there a way to keep the Key Editor up even if there...

is no data recorded.

Every time I record something and bring up the Key editor but then crtl Z and undo, the key editor closes, and I’d like it to be able to just stay up. Is this possible?


I asked very smiliar problem in the Steinberg support. Unfortunately, it’s not possible. If there are no data to display, Key Editor closes. :cry: So, if you display one MIDI region, and delete it, Key Editors closes. When you record MIDI data, and then delete it (or Undo it), Key Editor closes.

This is benefit of all-in-one-window apps, where you can’t close the window by this way, which I like. Steinberg, please, make the Cubase all-in-one-window, at least as option, please! :unamused:


Does Edit in Place help at all?

Yes, there is no this problem in the Edit In Place editor. But it’s little bit different workflow.


I checked out edit-in-place, but the same thing happens. This has never been part of my wrokflow - but I can see that it’s an irritation