Is there a way to know which parameters are the most important ones?

Is there a way for a host to know which plugin parameters are the most important ones?

Specifically, I’m trying to create a MIDI-CI “ChCtrlList” resource for VST3 plugins. Getting some info about MIDI controllers is possible (if plugins implement IMidiMapping correctly), but I don’t know which are the most important ones for a plugin. The ChCtrlList ‘Priority’ info is likely important because keyboards usually have only a few knobs, and there can be much more MIDI controllers.

Important in what sense? According to the plugin developer? Wouldn’t that require every dev to provide a list-by-priority?

Yes, according to the plugin developer.
AU has something like that. A host could use it to provide knobs for these params on the mixer tracks, for example. Logic for iPad uses it to make small plugin tiles with just a few knobs.

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The default mapping for parameter (in Cubase for example) use the order of how the parameters are exported (use the index).

You could put the “main parameters” at the beginning.

Else you could use the VSTXML file or API for mapping/reindexing parameters to remote (hardware or quickControl): [3.5.0] Remote Presentation of Parameters - VST 3 Developer Portal (

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