Is there a way to load Dorico without loading certain VSTs?

So my problem is with my mobile dorico setup. In Dorico I basically use no VSTs except noteperformer. But somehow Dorico checks every single VST on my computer and prompts me for missing iLok licenses because I dont always have my iLok with me. Is there a way to tell Dorico not to look for those VSTs or licenses for those VSTs?

It works perfectly fine in my DAW, which only checks the VSTs that are actually in the project.

Unfortunately not. The vendor of your DAW software took a different approach, but Dorico - since it inherits its audio engine from Cubase - does scan for all plug-ins during start up.

If you host your iLok based VSTs in Vienna Ensemble Pro then you can load a Dorico project without loading the VSTs by not launching the VE Pro server first

Edit: Rereading your initial post. I am not having the problem you seem to have. Is this a PC only thing? I’m on macOS.