Is there a way to make events transparent?

I have been using Cubase 3 for a long time, I’ve used Nuendo too (don’t know which version) and just upgraded to cubase 6… I can’t find a way to make events show only the colored waveform and a white/transparent background like I could on previous versions of cubase and nuendo… is it still an option and I’m just not finding it?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

Try using the search function…

Thanks, that would have never occurred to me! Now to find out what a search function is and how to use it. :laughing:

I actually used it first, but got thousands of results and none of them actually told up front if it’s doable, which is my question, and the yes/no answer would have taken less of your time than the answer you posted, but anyway… :unamused:

I just typed transparent in the search engine and it spit the answer within the first page of posts.

In Cubase 6.0.2, an event turns transparent while dragging it.
According to the pre-announcement (, Cubase 6.0.3 offers also, transparent events while slipping them, and… different from transparent events, but should amount to more-or-less the same result, a grid that is placed over the events.

(Nate, you type quicker than I can spit :stuck_out_tongue: )

Does anyone know why such a useful feature was left out?

I’m hoping that the additions to 6.0.3 will help. I do mostly editing and have had C6 installed for nearly a month now.
I haven’t used it for anything I’ve worked on yet, mostly because of this lost feature, and the new event display/ colour scheme. I’m still running C4.

Well, that´s obvious

I´m not using C6, so I can´t give you a yes / no answer. But I do know there was a big thread about C6 not having transparent events anymore on release, so no matter what you think, the answer I posted took the least amount of time…

or you could have replied : “I don’t know the answer, but there was a big thread on it. Try using the search function, I’m sure you’ll find it.”

I timed myself-I’m a slow typist, but even with a bit of added politeness, it took me 19 seconds to type.

Or I could have searched the thread for the OP, but I didn´t want to…