Is there a way to make the arrow keys raise intervals by a semitone?

So I know the shortcut is alt + arrow up/down, but is there a way to set it so that just the up or down arrows themselves move notes up and down chromatically? I think I’d much rather use one hand at a time for that and speed up that process personally, rather than the arrows being used to switch between players.

I read somewhere to go to preferences, then key commands, but I don’t know where to go in key commands after that to assign shortcuts. Any help would be appreciated.

The default key commands are Alt/Opt-up or down to transpose by staff position, and Shift-Alt/Opt-up or down to transpose chromatically (that is, by octave division of the current tonality system).

If you definitely want to change these key commands (knowing of course that Dorico has them set up to be internally consistent in that arrow keys are used for navigation in all directions) you can do so in Preferences > Key Commands and search for “Pitch”, they’re under Note Editing.

Thanks. Yes, I definitely do, I just find it a lot more convenient for quickly selecting and transposing a sequence chromatically this way.

One change I do recommend is changing octave from the default Ctrl+Alt+Arrow to just Ctrl+Arrow.

I’ve had that customization in place since the 1.0 days and it’s much more ergonomic.

Can’t remember if Ctrl+Arrow is bound in the default map, but if it is I don’t miss whatever it might be (if anything)

Ctrl+up/down navigates to the top and bottom staves on the system, by default.

Ok, yep, def. don’t miss that. I’m working in galley mode 100% the time I’m not doing final layout.