Is there a way to make the next track function mapped to an encoder cycle to the first track

Hi, I’ve just picked up a MiniLab3 and have the script that Arturia created for Cubase working.

The default function of the main encoder is to use the “Next track” function. This works really well until you reach the last track. At that point, there’s no way to go to the first track again without mapping another encoder to use the “previous track” function or to manually select the first track and then use the main encoder to navigate from top to bottom again.

Maybe there’s some config in the Arturia midi center that I need to change for the main encoder but I was wondering if there’s any way to have the Next track function cycle to the first track when the last track is reached in cubase 12?

Hi, viewing the script, I think they’ve already implemented the “Previous Track” bound to the left turn of the main encoder. Doesn’t this work?

Anyway, as far as I know, there is no straight forward way of knowing when we reached the “end” of our project’s tracks. It can be done but it can get complicated.

What you can do, however, is to assign the command Navigate->Top to a pad.

Hi @mchantzi, appreciate the quick reply here. Yeah, they do have it mapped already. I obviously confused the function with next track rather than previous track, apologies.

If there’s no straightforward way to identify the last track in the project readily available in the cubase config then that’s all good.
I’ll have a look at that navigate to top function mapping as an alternative for the moment.
Appreciate the tip, thanks!