Is there a way to make the plugin manager stay open?

im sorting my plugins into correct folders using the plugin manager, but im unsure what some plugins do by their name, so i want to open the VST. But when i go to a channel and open a VST the plugin manager closes. is there a better way?


Does it close or does it hide behind the other window?

Hi ,
It closes completely, I checked to see if it was windowed but it wasn’t

These type of plugs, I put in a temporary folder in the plug-in manager, close the Plug In Manager then when trying them out in the mix console, I can at least always go to that folder relatively quickly.

I don’t think it’s possible to keep the Plug In Manager open while opening a VST/VSTI in the mixer.

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Hi, I’m confused, maybe you’re doing something different than I understand. Are you both talking about this window?

It never closes for me, regardless where I open VST-windows from, but it hides behind the cubase window. It can be made Always on Top by right clicking in the top bar (the black one). If I do that, it never goes away, unless I focus windows outside of cubase (it comes back when I focus the cubase window again).

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Yeah that’s the one. I enabled the “always on top” and it’s solved the problem, thanks

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