Is there a way to recover a file after WL crashes?

Working on a Montage yesterday and the screen went white and then came back. Then it did it again and the screen stayed white so I had to end the program as it was “not responding”. Is there a way to recover the Montage? Most programs today have a way to recover a file after a crash but I never saw anything about this in WL. Thanks in advance.

Also what key drops markers in the Mac Version of WL. In the PC version it is “Insert” Thanks in advance.


  1. I’m not really sure but have a look in your temp folder
    or in your ordinary montage folder Backup.mon
    load one of this and see if you can recover…

  2. key command “M” in Audio File and Montage

regards S-EH

In the montage folder, there is a backup folder. This is set up i the WaveLab montage preferences.

Thanks! to you both…