Is there a way to remove the white outlines here?

The white pixels to the left & right of the line are kind of making it less precise when you want to cut up things on the fly… I adjusted my prefs accordingly but when I use the scissor-tool they keep showing no matter what’s set in the prefs.

Thanks in advance

No there isn’t, but I completely agree with what you’re saying. It’s another GUI issue with Cubase.

Yes, there is:
Set Mask Width = 1
You have to fiddle with the color of the cursor a lot to make it visible for both selected(black) and not selected events.
Unfortunatley doesn’t work for the playhead cursor.
And the playhead indeed doesn’t feel very precise. Back in the days I used to make editing only with the playhead cursor. After Steinberg redesigned the cursor with 3 Lines (white, black, white) I had to move to the scissor tool.

Thanks! Will try adjusting the color.