Is there a way to save mix console layout?

I am all for the many options available to us in customizing a mixer to a certain project, but what if one works on all their projects in the same manner? It is tedious having to configure the mix console from scratch for each and every one. I would like the same setup window layout, where I have enabled only what I desire to see, the same with the channel types and the rack selection, I would like to see the same enabled/disabled functions for all my projects. Once this is done the way I like, is there a way to save this so it loads like this in the future? Can I create a template that loads as default the way I like, each time I start a new project and open the mix console? With it being so customizable, I can always tweak here and there if a project calls for something different than how I usually set it up, but I work the same all the time and would find it very handy to have the mixer load to my needs, so I don’t have to spend the time setting it up each and every time the same way anyways. Even if it won’t load by default to my setup, perhaps a way to click a saved, named template, that loads, would still save a lot of time.

I have looked for an icon everywhere to save/load a configuration as well as the context menu on right clicking everywhere in the mixer and I am seeing nothing. Is there something I am missing, or is this just the way it is? Would anyone else agree that saving mix console configurations for future loading is handy and time saving?

I was looking for the same and ended up using “save as Template” option in File menu.
Of course it is necessary to be able to save mix console layout. But if you look at the Q&A thread (Steinberg Forums) you’ll notice the phraze “didn’t make it in time” repeating more than once. It clearly indicates that quality was sacrificed in favor of the release date. This is disturbing because right now I feel like I’m a beta tester, only testers actually get paid unlike me who paid for the software himself.


I also missed that function!



Exactly same as OP.

At the top near the left in the mix console window, there are 4 grey about buttons numbered 1-4 with a star at the end, select number 1, then set up the mix console window as you like. Once done, hit the star and save layout. You have 4 different save slots for different layouts. I think this is what you are after .

No, that works only for the rack part and the channel selection.

If you want to recall different mix console layouts (size of faders, EQ, Meter Bridge, channel selection window etc.) you have to use the 3 mix console views in the devices tab.
But this option is not global for all projects.

+1 I looked for this very thing. (For all the good it does) I consider it essential.

This is true, and creating a workspace doesn’t work either.

yes and only saves on project level. If you start a new project, those 1-4 snapshots are no longer relevant. We need a proper saving/loading of full mix console layouts.

+1 And if you try to do it in workspaces, it jumbles the consloe layout and, at least on my system, cuts off the bottom of the mixer.

perhaps this thread should be moved to the features request sub forum??

100% need this AND proper Workspace support.


welcome to Steinberg PUBT ( Public Unpaid Beta Testing ) !
This is in place, as long as I can remember (19+ years ).
It includes every X.0.0 and often the next 1 or 2 following releases.
The fully usable version will be released in 6 to 10 months.

Since years, I advice anyone, not wanting to do unpaid testing,
to sit back and relax …
If You wait and pay for the ‘real’ releases, the time between updates will (nearly) be the same.

And you’d vote with your valet, for better major releases …


+1 !!!