Is there a way to save the Render Settings within the Audio Montage?

I’m fiarly new to Wavelab but using it professionally for mastering. One thing I’m struggling with… When I Render a Montage, I put in all the settings for folders, naming etc, it’s a bit of a faff… But those choices aren’t saved with the Montage. so when I come back to the project having made some changes after getting feedback, I’m left with the Render setting of the previous Montage I had open, not the settings from the Montage. so every time I have to go back in and reset before rendering. Is there a way to get this data all saved within the montage. I’ve looked through a bunch of stuff and all the tick boxes I can find but I can’t see it! Thanks

WaveLab has a history list for recent folders and names. These are shared. Are you asking for the same settings but private to a given montage? (currently, this is not possible).

Thanks PG1. Yeah, I’m aware of the folder history, which is excellent. I just wish I didn’t have to select it when going to a previously saved Montage, and then go and change the export settings. I was worried this wasn’t possible! What a pain… Thanks

Though they don’t deal with the folder path, Render Presets are handy for saving just about everything else you can adjust in the Render Ribbon Tab which makes for pretty quick work.

Thanks Justin, I’ve got your presets too which are great. It’s just a question of remembering to set it! So like earlier, I rendered a Montage, then the client came back with ISRCs, which I added… But I can’t just hit 'render again, although I’ve already engaged my brain earlier to think about the settings, Ive got to think again because I’ve done some other work in between. I don’t really see why it’s not saved within the Montage, its actually within the ‘Montage’ tab on the screen. But hohum!

I think it makes sense to save the path. I just never really though about it because between the recents list, and Default Folder X, it just hasn’t really been a point of friction for me but it’s a good suggestion.

I guess, coming from Pro Tools, Cubase also, the ‘export’ settings default to those last used in that project… Because of that it’s led me to make a lot of mistakes exporting to the wrong folder or with the wrong text etc. In wavelab although I’m getting used to it!

Understood. When I came to WaveLab from Pro Tools about 10 or 11 years ago, I was very confused.

The one nice thing about the WaveLab render path is how you can manually edit it before rendering and then it makes that folder for you.

For example, if this path is already entered:


You an manually change the 2496 to 1644 right in the render path in WaveLab and that folder is made. It’s much easier than having to create that path via the MacOS menu system or manually.

So while WaveLab is quite different than nearly all mixing DAWs, it does have a lot of positive things that make working in it for mastering or finalizing masters an overall net gain.

Yeah, that function is incredible! I wish everything did that! Thanks Justin

Hi. I wondered if there was any plans to implement this change at all? Really continuing to be a pain for me. I have an assistant now and it’s annoying to not be able to leave projects ready to export for them at the click of a button - he has to input all the export details every time so I have to leave them written down. I’d really like to just have the export/render settings saved along with everything else for the montage. Thanks

Yes, there is such a plan in the next big update.

I’m not sure what your process is, but we have Render Presets saved for the various deliverable formats we offer. The Naming Scheme saved with the Render Preset creates the necessary file hierarchy and names all the files as we like.

Once the sequenced project is exported, it’s just a matter of selecting “Set source folder” in the Location box, then the Render Preset you want, then hit “Render”. It’s literally 3 clicks.

We never, ever manually change anything in any of the paths unless we’re doing something uncommon.

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that’s fantastic! Thanks

It’s more of an issue when returning to projects after feedback etc. It means I have to make the changes to the audio needed and then I’d like to just hit render knowing that it will export to the same place and using the same presets etc that I set the first time I exported. It is only a few clicks, but also invites mistakes in uploading to the previous client’s folder mistake, or forgetting to take off the ‘counter’ in dialogue - all things that need to be thought about and double checked as it’s final delivery of a product. Ideally I’d like it to just be saved as part of the montage. It is, after all, in the montage settings, so seems very odd to me that it’s not part of the ‘saved’ data for the montage. It could be that I need to change the way I work to eliminate this, but it is definitely a cause of issues for me.

Yeah, interesting – we’ve had everything automated for so long using WaveLab’s built-in features that these things you mention have never been a problem for us.

Not that it didn’t take a couple of months of head-scratching and frustration to get there, though!

Until PG updates WaveLab with your feature request I’d be happy to offer some suggestions to help you out, though frankly just about everything we do we learned from Justin :slight_smile:

+1,000,000 for Render Presets. Between that, the dropdown menu for recent render paths, and editable path field that will create new folders automatically if you define a new path before rendering, this area is one of my favorite parts of WaveLab and a big part of why I use it.

I’ve never felt any friction here and in the short time I tried to move to Triumph (RIP) back in 2014 or so, and for the semester I had to use Studio One to teach a mastering class, it made me appreciate the Render Ribbon Tab in WaveLab even more. It’s great and much better (in my opinion) than any other mastering DAW I’ve checked out over the years.

Maybe it’s because my rendering process is literally a process (full montage render → Custom Duplicate → Render 2444 WAV for approval) it never bothered me that the render settings aren’t stored with the montage because if I have to go back to a project I am either making a revision and starting that process over, or the project has been approved and I’m creating all the additional deliverables which would require different settings anyway.

I wouldn’t want the last used setting loaded in these cases.