Is there a way to script or automate the UR22c on Mac?

I’m trying to use my external midi over USB control surface to support the UR22C.

Currently I use the control surface to send apple script command to automate other software and send Midi or OSC command to control audio gear. So far I have not been able to find any way to control the UR22c. I’m starting on the documentation for the Remote Bridge, but I would prefer not to have to write my own loopback driver to control from the same Mac as is connected to the interface.

My initial goal is to get a mic mute button for use on conference calls. In the DSPMixFX application the channel strip page has an output control that I would like to take over. Ideally there would be an OSC or MIDI interface to this control so that I didn’t need to use the DSPMixFX SW to hit mute, but failing that I tried looking for apple script automation handles for the SW with no success. In another three I saw reference to a 3rd party scripting platform “autohotkey” but it appears to be windows only.

Summary: is there any documentation on how to directly communicate with the DSP from SW running on the Mac connected to the UR22c or failing that is there a way to script the DSPMixFX software?

Thanks for any advice

Neither the UR-C devices nor dspMixFX have an interface for that at all. It’s all done through the daw.

Cubase AI has a Generic Remote that can be controlled via any midi device, if you can run things through that you can create the mute switch, and other stuff. The UR-Cs come with a license for Cubase AI