Is there a way to see Scale on piano roll?

Does Cubase have the ability to have the midi piano roll display a certain scale on the actually piano roll? Like in Studio One (please see screenshot).

Yes, enable them under the Global Tracks tab in the Key Editor’s Inspector

Thanks for the response! I tried looking it up, but I don’t follow. Could you please send a screenshot so I know where to go?

Actually I think I found it, is this it?

If the Tab isn’t visible you may need to set it to be visible using the Gear Button.

Also I’m not sure if Global Tracks are available in all the versions. So if you still can’t find it check here to see if it actually is available.

Ahh I finally see what you mean. Not exactly what I’m looking for, but thank you. I’m on Cubase Pro 12 and I use my midi editor in the lower zone, so I wasn’t seeing it until I put it in a separate window.

In the Lower Zone you could drag the Chord Track down so it is right above the split for the Lower Zone.

You can also use Scale Assistant.